Use the pipeline technology for your company

We develop technologies and services for the preparation and marketing of content and products and offer news portals, content creators, freelance journalists and companies a holistic platform.

Address readers in a targeted manner with individualized content and contributions
ITNT GmbH from Dorsten, North Rhine-Westphalia
VanSite, app for camping pitches
Made in Bocholt, regional news platform from Bocholt, NRW
RypDo sports bags
Schwerin Lokal, local news portal from Schwerin and the surrounding area

Pipeline for companies

Find the right content creators with pipeline and market products better.

Business solutions based on pipeline technology

Your company on pipeline

Place your company or product in a high-quality and authentic way in the right environment to reach relevant target groups. You can also find suitable content creators for your strategy.

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Increase target group with pipeline

In-Depth Analysis

With our analyzes you will find the right partner and can contact you directly.

Expand reach with pipeline

Intelligent marketing

Make a positive impression on potential customers with informative content.

Earn money with pipeline

Editorial full service

When it comes to the implementation of content for your campaigns, we are at your side editorially.

Pipeline for content creators

Numerous tools and services to open up new target groups and expand your reach.

The passion in focus

Content creators are an important part of the pipeline. That's why we provide a business and technical infrastructure so that content creators can focus on their passion and create content.

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The pipeline Creator Studio for managing your apps & websites as well as the content.
Increase target group with pipeline


The easiest way to become active on pipeline is to automatically make your content available for pipeline.

Expand reach with pipeline

Real Time Statistics

With real-time statistics, content creators receive up-to-date information on their performance at all times.

Earn money with pipeline

Cooperation opportunities

Our platform offers a marketplace to find interested advertising partners and to enter into cooperation.

Your white label solution

Pipeline offers the platform, technology and tools that support you in everyday life.

White label news app solution for your readers

Your content. Our technology.

Do you run a news portal or a regional blog and want to add an app to your platform?

Our white label app solutions convey your messages and information individually to your readers. Adapted in text length, complexity and the choice of formats to the reading habits of each individual user.

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Increase target group with pipeline

Holistic news platform

We offer you a platform for all devices and based on the latest technologies.

Expand reach with pipeline

Business opportunities

We offer you extensive business opportunities to earn money directly with the pipeline platform.

Earn money with pipeline

Support Services

We are more than just a platform operator and are also at your side as a strong partner.

Everything you need.

With our Creator Studio you have all the tools in one interface.

Manage your editorial posts and ads in one place

Our creator studio

The Creator Studio gives you access to our pipeline platform. Here you can manage your content, ads, collaborations and apps of the platform.

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